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Save Money, 10 items to Borrow Don’t Buy

Whether you think about the impact on the environment or the impact on your pocket, there is no denying the amount of stuff households accumulate, take up space and hardly use, to then just end up on landfill.

So declutter your life, save some money and look at our list of 10 things you may want to borrow instead of buy.

1. Luggage

Unless you are a frequent traveler, do you really need your own set of luggage taking up valuable storage space?

2. Camping equipment

Camping gear can be quite expensive and plentiful to store, so see what you can borrow. From a tent to camping stove, don’t buy, borrow!

3. Carpet cleaner

How often do you really need to shampoo your carpets? If you can’t find anyone to borrow a carpet cleaner from, consider hiring one locally.

4. Baby items

Baby items are usually outgrown so quickly, that a room can quickly look like a multi coloured discarded baby junk yard. Baby swings, high chairs and toys can be borrowed from other parents grateful for the space.

5. Childrens clothing

We are not talking about everyday wear (but why not also?) but clothing for special occasions, like birthdays, halloween etc. A ballgown from a friends daughter or just borrowing a spider man costume from a neighbours son will save you money for clothes that are sometimes only worn once.

6. Specialised tools

Do you really need a chainsaw in your life? Or a patio power washer? These things need safe storage, so see if you can borrow, and if not, there are plenty of tool hire places around.

7. Books

Probably the most obvious thing on this list, so how many times are you going to read that whodunnit when you know who did it! With this one you have a lot of options to save money, from friends, book clubs and libraries to borrow from.

8. Parties and weddings

Need extra chairs, borrow! A punch bowl? Spare table? Music equipment? You could even borrow a wedding dress! If you know someone with a large garden, why not see if they will let you borrow it to host your event.

9. Sports equipment

How often do you go mountain climbing, skiing or even scuba diving? Do you really need your own equipment? So ask around and see if you can borrow first.

10. Office space

If you need some workspace away from your busy home, maybe you could ask friends for any unused space they may have. With their home they may be grateful for the extra security and even the cat being fed!

So remember, if you are going to borrow, make sure to return items in good order when you said you would, and most importantly, be a good lender too.