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A Loan for a Dog?

dog loan

The cost of dog ownership is surprisingly expensive which is why some owners turn to a loan when things go wrong.

How much do dogs cost over their lifetime?

Small dog – From £5000 to £25,000

Medium dog – From £7000 to £27,000

Large dog – From £9000 to £32,000

As you can see, dog ownership is not a cheap endeavour, and a huge financial consideration.

To help reduce the cost of your dogs ownership always ask to see the parents health tests, which reputable breeders will always do, this can show you the risk of hereditary medical problems which can lead to ongoing medical care, and unnecessary financial burden.

What are the initial costs of dog ownership?

Some of the things you will need to buy when getting your dog –

  • Bowls for food and water
  • Bed
  • Dog collar and lead
  • Toys
  • Car restraint

Add to the above, flea and worm treatment and pet insurance.

What are the ongoing costs of dog ownership?

Some of the things that must be considered on a monthly and annual basis –

  • Regular vet checks
  • Pet insurance
  • Poo bags
  • Flea and worm treatments
  • Food

What are the average monthly costs for dog owners?

These costs are based on the above ongoing ownership costs, from vet checks to food.

Small dog – £50

Medium dog – £65

Large dog – £80

This does not cover any possible medical emergencies, such as an accident or illness.

Wow! Any additional costs for my dog?

Yes! Some of the other costs that must be considered are, your time! Will you always be there to train and walk your dog? Planning any holidays? Then consider these costs also –

  • Dog training classes
  • Dog walkers
  • Dog boarding kennels

So, if you are considering a dog please consider the financial implications first, and if you are considering a loan for a dog, then however much we love them…….consider a goldfish instead.

You should never put yourself in the position of possibly needing to borrow money because you want any pet, however amazing they are.

If you need help with your sick pet and are struggling with finances, try the PDSA, the vet charity for pets in need.