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How to Jump Start Your Car

If you have determined that the reason your car won’t start is a flat battery, then buy or borrow some jump leads and follow these 8 simple steps.

How to jump start your car –

  1. Put both cars in Park or Neutral and turn the ignition off in both vehicles. Make sure the brakes are also engaged.

  2. Attach one of the red clips from the jump lead to the positive terminal of the live battery first and then the other end of the red clip to the positive terminal of the flat battery .

  3. Attach one of the black clips from the jump lead to the negative terminal of the live battery first and then the other end of the black clip to the negative terminal of the flat battery .

  4. Start the car that works and let the engine run for a few minutes.

  5. Try to start the dead vehicle, if it doesn’t start let the other vehicle run for a few more minutes. Check the jump leads are securely on.

  6. If the jump start works and your car starts, leave both cars running idle for about 10 minutes with the leads attached.

  7. Turn off both engines and remove the leads in reverse order, starting with the negative black clip from the previously flat battery.

  8. Restart your car with the previously flat battery and drive around for at least 20 minutes to make sure your car battery is recharged.

If your car won’t start the next time you try to use it, then consider replacing the battery for new, as your current battery may be too old or worn and not be holding a charge .

You may be able to get a loan on your car, so replacing the battery is a relatively inexpensive way to keep that security in good health.