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Help Yourself to Debt Help

debt help

From worrying about it, to thinking there is nothing you can do, being in debt can sometimes make you feel alone and helpless. Try not to worry though, you are not alone, there are organisations in the UK that can help you manage your debt, offering you practical help, advice and support – They are also free.

So if you are struggling with bills, credit cards or other payments, don’t think of applying for a loan, get in touch with one of these organisations first, and get the help you need.

Citizen’s Advice:

Offering help online as well as in person, Citizens Advice provides support and advice, from daily budgeting to dealing with bankruptcy.

National Debtline:

If you are struggling with debt, this organisation can offer you a 4 step online guide to dealing with debt as well as telephone advisors.


This charity offers an extensive range of help and advice, from online factsheets to setting you up with a debt management plan.

Dealing with debt does not have to be a solitary experience, help yourself by reaching out to one of these organisations and get your life back on track.