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Logbook Loans with Outstanding Finance

Getting a loan on a financed vehicle

We are often asked 'can I get a logbook loan if my car is on finance'?

And the answer is ......maybe.

If  a car is bought on finance, such as a hire purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement, the vehicle legally belongs to the finance company until the agreement has been settled and all outstanding repayments have been made.

Even if the logbook (V5 document) is registered in your name, it is the the finance company that legally owns your vehicle, which is why you cannot usually get a logbook loan on a car you do not legally own.     

At Elogbook Loan we will always do our best to help in any situation.

If your vehicle has outstanding finance on it, then you might still be able to get a logbook loan on your car from us, but only if the outstanding finance amount is small and your existing finance agreement is coming to an end. In some circumstances you may also need permission from your current finance provider.

Elogbook Loan advantage:

 Same day payout

 Simple online application

 No hidden fees

If you are looking for a logbook loan on a car with outstanding finance, apply online or contact us to see how we can help.


Financed car FAQ's:

Can I have more than one logbook loan on my car?

You can only have one logbook loan at any one time on a vehicle, but should you need further funds you could apply for a top up, or once the initial loan is repaid, you can then apply for another logbook loan.

Can I sell my car if I have a logbook loan?

It is illegal to sell a car with a logbook loan, as technically, the vehicle belongs to the lender until the loan is paid off. This could result in the loan company repossessing the car from the new owner, who could then take legal action against you.

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Representative 230.70% APR

Warning: This type of loan is secured on your vehicle. Missed or late payments may incur fees and/or the repossession of your vehicle. This can cause you serious money problems. For help go to


Representative example;
Loan amount £700 over 36 months. Weekly repayments £17.41. Credit charge £2015. Total amount payable £2715.96. Interest rate 96% PA fixed. Representative 230.7% APR. 

All loan applications are subject to a creditworthiness and affordability assessment.