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Do you have a loan with another lender?

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Unsatisfied with their customer service?

Try switch saver our unique loan application.

If you have a logbook loan or payday loan with another lender and you are not getting the service you deserve, then elogbookloan may be able to refinance your current loan at a better rate, saving you money!

Thanks to our easy loan application process, you too could join thousands of happy customers.

Just some of our benefits:

 Flexible payments

No hidden charges

Exceptional customer service

To see how we can help you, just fill out our switch saver application form or speak to one of our loan saver experts.


Switch saver FAQ's

Apart from logbook loans, can I transfer other types of loans with switch saver?

Yes, it does not have to be a log book loan. If you have any other type of loan such as a payday or guarantor loan that you think would benefit from being transferred to us, we can help you.


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Warning: Late payment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to

Representative APR 230.70%

Warning: This type of loan is secured on your vehicle. Missed or late payments may incur fees and/or the repossession of your vehicle.
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All loan applications are subject to a creditworthiness and affordability assessment.